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How to be apart of laExpose’ Book & Music Tour

laExpose’ devoted to exposing gifted and talented professionals as a “random act of kindness” offering simple marketing and advertisement to aspiring professionals.

Giving back or paying it forward is a prerequisite for being a member. laExpose’ seeks to identify, recruit, and educate a new generation of talents teaching gratitude, integrity, and community service.

The Dream Tour will be used as a platform for authors and artists from around the globe to share their handcrafted and impacting books and music to inspire millions of people around the world including entrepreneurs.

The purpose of this dream tour is to awaken dreams that many may not know they have; and to positively impact people in life changing ways with the testimonies and messages of the authors, artists and entrepreneurs.

Without dreams we have no aspirations and no encouragement to push ourselves day in and day out to achieve our goals and to obtain success. The Dream Tour is a Media Tour the artist fundraise or crowd raise their money to attend the event of their choice.  The gofund account is to help offset expenses of the Tour.

To be apart of the Tour follow these instructions and we will welcome you with a banner for your social media postings.  If you can’t follow the guidelines, you can always reapply for consideration when you can.

·         Register to be a member of laExpose. Sign up through click on Registration to understand the expectations of membership. Keep in touch with Tour Director on availability for your location of choice. See updates.

·         Add your photo to your profile and bio once the membership is approved.

·         Contribute to the GoFundme (  account since there is no  registration fee to tour.(FREE)

·         Contact Tour Director  ( with your preferred phone number and email to be contact.

·         Each destination schedule please post your banner which helps advertise your performing or speaking.

·         Understand how to communicate exercising Chat & Email Etiquette in Facebook Team Group Read email and check this site to keep up.


 Email Etiquette:


Chatroom Etiquette site) (community site) blogsite)


Facebook, Twitter, Youtube are also laExpose' we have other fanpages for Nigeria, Ghana & South Africa our Fanpage on ..Our hashtag #laExposethedreamtour for updated bookings!

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